Two Tips For Spending More Time With Your Family This Mother's Day

I absolutely love May with its warm sunny days and promise of summer to come. City streets are bursting with blooming magnolia trees and fresh new life is sprouting in our gardens. It only seems appropriate that May is also the month we celebrate those who gave us life, our mothers.

I have seen numerous friends become parents and seeing their maternal nature and personality come out has been such a joy to watch. When a child is born a new mother is born as well. That journey into motherhood is unique and powerful. When another human is dependant on you, difficulties get figured out. It’s so true: Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a Mother.

I think about my own mother having dinner on the table for us every night. As a child I didn’t realize all the work involved in that. Now as an adult I commend her because that is a feat! Dinner can be a tricky time (especially if you have little ones), so this year our mother’s day gift to all the moms out there are some productivity life hacks: the crockpot and our trick for a fun family pizza night!

How wonderful is it to throw everything together in the crockpot and not have to worry about it again until dinnertime? There is a certain peace knowing you’ve got something going in the crockpot. Plus it’s literally so easy. Regardless of what you’re making you just add it to the pot, turn it on, and you’re done! Even young kids can help with adding pre-chopped veggies or stirring.

Crockpots can be a saving grace for those hectic weeknights, especially as the busyness of summer approaches. In preparation we wanted to share a few of our favorite tried and true crockpot recipes!

This delicious chunky tomato sauce with an unexpected ingredient

This salmon and veggie dinner, reminding us crockpots are for more than just soups

This 3 ingredient chicken taco recipe

Just in case crockpots aren’t your thing, we wanted to share another tip for a fun family pizza party night. Instead of limiting yourselves to just a type or two of pizza, swing by the salad bar at the grocery store for a wealth of toppings. No need to get any salad greens, just fill your container with toppings (chicken, bacon bits, broccoli, olive, peppers, etc). This saves you from needing to buy the ingredients individually. Get individual crusts and each pick the toppings you want. This is a super cost-effective way to have a fun family pizza night!

Whether you are spending the day celebrating or being celebrated (or both) we hope these tips take some of the stress out of your dinner time.


Happy Mother’s Day!

Dr. Jane