The Power of Community and How to Make New Friends

July has been declared Social Wellness Month, which makes sense as it is often an incredibly social month. We bounce between weekend plans with family, 4th of July parties with friends, kids sports classes and camps… it can get pretty socially hectic! I strive to focus on the positive in everything though, so this busy time is perfect for me to focus on social wellness. 

When I think of social wellness, I think about the social relationships in my life — my amazing friends and family, everyone at Evolve, my fellow docs and my patients at The Specific, the women and my partners at The Wellness Center — and I can’t help but feel grateful. This community acts as my roots. You keep me optimistic, grounded, and moving forward and I am so thankful.  

I encourage each of you reading this to stop and consider the social relationships in your own life, your roots. Relationships can really suffer when we get busy in other areas. Who is someone that you’d like to reach out to again? Has anyone been on your mind lately? Send them a message. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or a huge update on your life, a simple hello is all you need.

Sometimes we find ourselves on the other end though. This is something a lot of people experience, but few people talk about — struggling to make friends as an adult. If you find yourself in this boat, have no fear! We have a few tips to help out:

  1. Join a gym with group classes (I’d love to have you join me at Evolve Training Center or The Women’s Wellness Center!)
  2. Check out,, or your local Chamber of Commerce for events you are interested in. Oftentimes libraries have community events posted as well. Meeting other people at events like this generally means you have a common interest!
  3. Find somewhere to volunteer your time. Again, you’re likely to meet people with whom you have something in common. 
  4. Join us at The Women’s Wellness Center for our monthly You Matter Meet-Up every 3rd Thursday of the month! (This month’s theme is DIY Fun. Click here to save your seat!)  

I would like to close by reminding you all that even in the socially busy seasons, it’s crucial to take some time for you. We get busy with friends and family and forget about ourselves. Or sometimes we take on too much and refuse to let others help us. Both of these take a toll and wear us down over time. Remember that you matter, your health matters, and you deserve to be helped. Afterall, that’s exactly what your community is there for.