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Headaches happen to be one of the most common disorders of the human nervous system and regardless of the type e.g. tension headaches, cluster headaches or migraines…they all cause pain. And if you’re a sufferer you’ll know how quickly a headache can ruin your day, impede on your work and affect relationships. Several causes of headaches may include dehydration, fatigue, change in hormones, loud noises and sleep deprivation. Symptoms can range from light sensitivity, nausea, sensory disturbances and throbbing pain.

Treatment of headaches depend entirely on the underlying cause and while it’s easy to turn to pain medication and OTC drugs, sufferers only gain temporary relief until the next headache surfaces – but let’s face it, don’t we want more than a momentary reprieve? We, at The Specific hone in on the why and on the cause and we do that by examining diet, lifestyle and monitoring the central nervous system. Together we partner with our patients by determining a personalized plan to help you overcome and heal from this life altering condition.


Struggling to sleep and staying asleep plagues about 30% of the population and unfortunately, this results in low energy, irritability and daytime sleepiness. Everyday life demands our attention at work and/or at home and to keep up, we often turn to copious amounts of caffeine to overcome that afternoon slump. Regrettably, this only creates some brief moments of alertness that’s inevitably followed by a nasty caffeine hangover in the end.

Insomnia, a leading sleep disorder, is considered a debilitating condition that affects every aspect of the sufferer’s life and this continued sleep deprivation can lead to various long term health problems and complications. Though insomnia can occur independently or as a result of another problem it’s important to look for underlying causes. At The Specific, we can address this together by accessing sleep environments, exploring various techniques and ultimately by examining the central nervous system.


Fibromyalgia, another common condition, is marked by chronic pain. This disorder plagues an estimated 10 million people in the U.S and is most prevalent in women. Imagine being debilitated by tremendous pain (severe burning, throbbing and/or stabbing) that prevented you from the simplest things, like driving your children to school, going for a walk or even getting out of bed. In addition, sufferers experience bouts of fatigue, depression and develop memory problems. They are then subjected to a series of treatments ranging from steroids, anti-inflammatory medication and strong painkillers. This can wreak havoc on the body in various ways.

Fibromyalgia is indicative of abnormalities found within the central nervous system that processes pain signals. This results in a sufferer to be more sensitized to pain, therefore altering their pain threshold, where mild pain actually becomes severe. We at The Specific focus on the functioning of the entire nervous system, restoring it to its full potential and clearing the blockages that prevent it from working. With that being said, who better to help with a condition such as Fibromyalgia than a Specific Chiropractor!


Who of us hasn’t at some point or another experienced back pain? Whether we failed to lift with our knees or slept the wrong way – we’ve all to some degree, felt those sharp aches and pains. Which is why it’s no surprise that back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide! We miss work, we miss our gym session and we miss out on playing with our kids because of incapacitating back pain. Whatever the case, back pain can definitely interfere with our lives but we shouldn’t admit defeat just yet!

While the knee-jerk reaction is to grab a bottle of pain relievers, why don’t we address the cause instead of only the symptoms. While some cases are mechanic, most cases are caused by an interference in the nervous system! Our bodies are designed to adapt and conform but like everything else, our bodies have limits and once those limits are reached, we develop pain. At The Specific we are trained to address the interference with your nervous system, tackle what’s causing you pain and restore your overall health.

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