Seeing The Beauty In Everything

South San Francisco is an amazing city with its surrounding mountains, mild winter, and dry cool summer.  We have the astonishing South San Francisco hillside sign which is a tribute to the city’s industrial past. Our city has so much to offer with its diverse population and so many wonderful, unique perspectives. South City is a place of opportunities if you just look for the beautiful. The question here now is how do we see the beauty in everything? Figuring this out depends on you.

I have always been mesmerized by beautiful things like flowers, a calm beach, a friend that has a lot of achievements, children crossing the road with their uniforms, the skyline during sunset, clouds that you could almost touch when you are in an airplane, amazing architecture… when I look for beauty, there are many things that can take my breath away.

When you apply seeing good things in everything, that’s your key to happiness. To live a fruitful, contented, wonderful life try approaching everyone and everything with optimism. Life is a journey, and while you travel to your destination your actions affect where are you going to land. Seeing the beauty in everything along the way is the key to peace and satisfaction in life. Even in a genuinely bad situation you can begin to look for the good and find ways to turn it around.

In this world where life is not always positive it’s sometimes hard to maintain such an outlook, because after all, we are just human beings. But, if we try, we can find the beautiful angle in every situation. Just like when we take a picture of something, we often try to find its best angle. Try doing this with situations.  

For example, next time you receive a rude comment on your social media posts, (I believe social media right now is the most collective form of communication as people can see your life timeline) don’t get mad at the person or let it ruin your your day. Remember that they don’t know the real context of your post.  Instead, try remembering that this person doesn’t know you well and you don’t know them well and maybe they are just having a bad day. Show empathy and you will feel even better because you don’t have to carry a heavy heart or worry the whole day based on that comment.

Another example is if someone critiques your work, take it as a wake-up call for you. Pull yourself together, breathe, and put in extra effort and laser-focus the next time.  If you look for the beautiful angle on the situation, you will likely feel courage and motivation, reminding you that when you put all of your love into your work only goodness follows. A critique is an opportunity to make yourself better.  And it’s good to have critics in your life once in awhile because it makes you level up. That one critic can be your ticket to your next achievement.

It’s always the best feeling when you live with a positive outlook on life.  The world around you is always in your favor!

If you are reading this right now, I hope it gives you hope in whatever situation you are in at this present time.  Have courage and be compassionate.


“In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact.” ~ Les Brown