How to spread Holiday Cheer this season

As mentioned in a previous blog, this can be a challenging time of year for people. I always take solace in the fact that in the midst of the darkness of winter, people come together to celebrate the holidays with family members. During this season we take time to show love to each other through the giving of gifts, the spending of time, and the sharing of meals. I also like to find ways to celebrate this holiday season with people who may be a bit down on their luck, or facing hard times.

This month at the Women’s Wellness Center we’ve encouraged people to spread holiday cheer during our 10 day Holiday Cheer Challenge. This challenge really got me thinking about ways to support those in need and left me wanting to provide options to members of my community who may be looking for a way to give back.

A few years ago, I leaned into my love for crafting and making things for people by making holiday cards. I then sold these holiday cards to people and used the proceeds to buy gifts for children from families who needed a little assistance in making the holiday extra special. Just by doing something I love, I was able to impact a lot of people. What do you really enjoy doing that could be a blessing to others?

If you just want some suggestions, here are 5 ideas to have an impact this holiday season!

  • Pay for coffee for the person in line behind you
  • Create Care Packages to give homeless people you interact with. Check out this guide for making Homeless Care kits!
  • Make arrangements to volunteer with a Bay Area Rescue Mission Christmas
  • Event to bring the holiday to homeless and in need in our community – see their events here!
  • Make Christmas cards to send to children spending the holiday in the hospital.
  • Cards for Hospitalized Kids will accept cards till December 18th!
  • Volunteer with the city of South San Francisco to make Christmas cookies for seniors through their Smiles for Seniors program. Contact Sheri Boles at 650.829.6680 or if you are interested in volunteering in South City.

There you have it. Hopefully something on this list jumps out to you and you’re excited thinking about the possibilities of spreading holiday cheer. If nothing does, take my Christmas card example and think about the things you love doing, or the gifts you have. What are your unique characteristics and how can those impact the world in the way only you can?

Lean in to this truly magical time of year and make your season merry and bright by celebrating with those around you and doing what you can for those in need.