Getting started with Essential Oils

As you know, wellness is something that is very important to me. I love finding ways to help people live healthier lives, whether I’m providing chiropractic care, encouraging my Jiu Jitsu students, or creating community at The Women’s Wellness Center. I aim to inspire people to sprinkle health into daily life. One way I do this in the office is by diffusing essential oils. The scent of Wild Orange in the background energizes me throughout the day, and the scent of Lavender invokes a deep calmness in the Resting Room.

This month at The Center we were blessed to have our dear friend and essential oil expert Valeria Rodriguez share her passion for essential oils with us. She’s been using oils for 7+ years to treat various health ailments, make cleaning products, flavor recipes, and spruce up her garden! She educated us at our You Matter Meet-Up and has graciously agreed to share some of the basic things you need to know about essential oils.

First things first, what are essential oils:

Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds that are extracted from the plant’s bark, seed, flower, leaf and even the roots. They are then steam-distilled to extract the pure oil or cold pressed for citrus oils. Once you extract the oil you release the most powerful and protecting life force of the plant, the oil. The oils contain hundreds of natural compounds that fit into our cells perfectly and help our bodies thrive naturally. Due to a great need and a powerful movement, essential oils have found their way back in the spotlight.

Due to the fact that there are no standards of production in the essential oil industry and everyone is putting oils into bottle and labeling it “essential oil”, or natural, or organic, you will want to make sure you are working with a CPTG oil that is completely safe for you and those you love. CPTG means Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade which indicates that the oils have been gone through over 9 different tests tested for purity.

Now, how to use them:

Once you have the right oils, know that there are three ways to use them; aromatically through a diffuser (like at The Center), hand diffusing by putting some in your palm and inhaling, or by simply taking a sniff right out of the bottle. Inhaling essential oils can help to reduce anxiety, improve sleep, elevate mood, among other effects. They can also be applied topically where needed to help reduce pain and inflammation or simply to bring comfort to that area. Applying topically helps the oils enter the body through the skin.

When you work with quality essential oils you can also ingest them in a capsule or with a bit of water, this will benefit internal organs and cells. Ingesting essential oils is safe but here is a more detailed explanation about the safety and benefits of doing so:

What can you do with essential oils:

You can address 80+ of your health concerns from home. Even though the chemistry of each oil is extensively diverse, you will find that they are easy to use if you address your personal concern with a simple reference book on how to use oils, my favorite is Essentials of the Earth. In my own personal use at home I use them to achieve any health goal or concern I may have, in my kitchen for cooking, cleaning the house, gardening and even on beloved pets.

Suggestions when starting:

KISS( Keep It Simple Silly) work with someone you can trust when it comes to helping you launch your essential oil journey. Working with someone is is fun, engaging, and they will help you find your way. I love helping people start this journey and encourage you to check out my DoTerra site: Best is Natural

Use only top quality oils. So many people try to achieve their goals with oils that are synthetic and even harmful, in turn they become disappointed and feel that the essential oil movement is a hoax. Use the oils as often as possible to learn more and join any education program that your tribe of oil users provides. Attend workshops and events and be engaged; with this type of chemistry you will always learn something new.

Invest in you, you are worth every penny.

Valeria Rodriguez