It’s no secret that one of my life’s passions is empowering women to know that they matter. That is really the core essence of my work at The Women’s Wellness Center. We are a safe haven for women to be their raw, authentic selves and become beacons of light in the world. How do we create the space for that? Well, we give women the opportunity to come as they are and take time for themselves every month at our You Matter Meet-Up. We encourage women to push themselves and create new healthy habits during our monthly 10 Day Challenges. We offer classes like Empower Fit that give women the tools to confidently walk through life knowing how to defend themselves. We create opportunities for people to choose themselves, but it’s time for more.

Having practiced Jiu Jitsu for more than 15 years, I’ve spent a fair amount of time of sparring with would-be “attackers.” There is nothing quite like the feeling of gaining ground on someone, breaking free from their grip and dictating how we proceed is powerful. Likewise, when it comes to self-defense, trusting that no matter how much larger than me an opponent is, I know how to leverage my body to put up a damn good fight. This obviously gives me a great sense of confidence that I know how to protect myself. Helping others unleash that in themselves is one of the reasons I am so passionate about teaching.

I’ve realized something though.

That power that we feel when we break free physically, is exactly the power we need to harness within ourselves on a daily basis. That power is the whisper in our ear that makes us confident. It’s that trust in ourselves to have our own backs. It’s our ability to protect ourselves and those around us. Attacks won’t always be physical assailants or shadowy figures in the dark, though. Much more frequently, in fact, the attacks we face come from ourselves in the form of our fears and insecurities. How often do we tear ourselves down before we even try?

What if we harnessed this tremendous power within ourselves, to know and trust that we are truly capable of anything we desire? Imagine if I believed that with the same level of confidence I feel because I know how to protect myself. That is powerful. It gives me courage to actively chase my dreams and trust that I’ll figure it out along the way. I’m not sitting on the sidelines watching my life go by because I’m worried about being rejected or letting people down. I’m not stressed about whether I’m “pretty” enough, or “successful” enough. None of that matters because I’m living a life without fear. Just like I’ve learned to protect myself physically, I am learning to beat my “inner-attackers” as well.

Knowing the moves is one thing, but harnessing the mindset is a whole other beast. In the past, I’ve taught people the moves, and we’ve touched on mindset, but it’s time for so much more. The connection between the physical movements and mental intentions is profound and it’s time to go there. I’m excited to announce that I’ve teamed up with two other incredibly power women to make this a reality.

The time has come for women to band together and embrace a life without fear. We’re done playing small and letting other people call the shots. It’s time to get moving and step up, the world needs you. I have decided to no longer let fear hold me back. The Women’s Wellness Center is taking the next step and women of the world are invited. 

If you are a woman (or if you know a woman) who needs this, join us August 17 from 11am – 2pm for Unleash the Inner Warrior in You: The Reveal to learn more.

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